Hi, I’m Larisa 


Welcome. I love creating, designing, sewing, cooking, and I especially love being a wife and mom.  I love learning and sharing the things I’ve learned. Nurture Cultivate Create started as a way to share it all with you.


About Me:

Hi, I’m Larisa. I’m a wife, a new mom, a teacher by trade, and a Mormon.  I love cooking in the kitchen, repurposing clothes on my sewing machine, running at my favorite park, and learning how to be a better wife and mother. Wrap all of those things together and I think you will know me a little better, and you will know all about my blog.


I studied to be a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher (the new Home-Economics). So you could say I got my feet wet in a lot of different areas. Mostly it fueled a desire to learn as much as I can about everything and gave me dreams of going to foreign countries.  In the meantime I love what I do and squeeze in what creations and learning I can between naptime and laundry.


As you may have guessed I am blessed to have a very patient supportive husband. The kind that is willing to eat anything I cook, unless it has butter in it – wish we all had that problem right?!?  We currently live in a little apartment while Mr. M works downtown. I am living my dream and get to play with Little W, perfect my homemaking skills, and create.  I balance being a wife, family, home management, and church service in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, along with other things.



Together Mr M and I have many hobbies.  Since being married we have morphed into somewhat of the same person and share the same hobbies and interests. We cook together, go for Sunday walks, run, hike, drive through car dealerships, watch sunsets, and love our cute little boy.  We live for the next season and can’t wait to pull out our skis, bikes, or to get out on the lake.  I think we’d both like to learn how to play tennis and to rock climb. He pushes me to do new things like try sushi and I make him well rounded by eating ice-cream every once in a while. I’d say we are a pretty good match.


Some interesting things about me are that I don’t buy things that I could make. Or I buy things that I have to remake. It used to drive Mr M nuts when I would buy clothes that I would get home and remake. If I don’t do that I usually buy secondhand. I always say that way all the pre-shrinking is done. I don’t know the last time I purchased jeans for more than $10. That’s why this blog isn’t so much a fashion blog.  I collect rocks from places we go and fun things we do as a cheap way to remember our fun adventures. I write the date and location on the rock and store them in a jar.  I love to read biographies and watch documentaries. I’m a bit of a history nut.


Why this blog?

Like I said above, I love learning and creating. I started this blog as a way to share the things I have learned and continue to learn. So does the world need another recipe sharing, lifestyle, DIY, thought sharing blogger? Maybe not. But I’d love for you to keep reading anyway.


From a young age my parents inspired me to create. With a childhood full of blocks, Legos, musical instruments, books, rolls of paper, cardboard, tape, fabric, paint, plywood, wagons, sandboxes, tools, cookbooks, and more, how do you dare not-to try new things? I am forever grateful to them for fostering a love of creating.


I hope to show others that they too can create. I don’t believe it when someone says they aren’t creative. I just don’t. And so this blog was born. A random compilation of my life;  a teacher who doesn’t teach, a wife trying to navigate home management, a mother, a passionate learner who still has much to learn about herself and the world, and a creator on a budget.




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