Since Baby W is 4 months and we are starting to get a hang of this parenting thing I thought I would share a few of the products we love (and that he loves) and things that have made having a baby a little easier.  Whether you are a mom to be or are looking to buy something for a mom to be, this is the list that has worked for us. In addition to the cute clothes, blankets, burp rags, and bibs it was nice to get a few things that were ‘tried and true’.  Hopefully this list can help you find some products that work for you too.  I am not being sponsored by any of the products, just giving you a list of things I like from one mom to the next.  I’m a believer that having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive so here are a few ideas to get you started.


  • Breast pump: If you choose to breastfeed you’ll want to order a free breast pump through your insurance. I was able to get a Medela pump for free. I was even able to order mine 30 days before my due date so it arrived long before little W did. You can also check and see if your insurance offers any mother’s programs. I was able to get a bunch of free stuff and access to a lactation consultant through our insurance.
  • Signup for Promotions: I signed up for the promotional offers for Huggies, Pampers, Simalac, and Enfamil. You do get a bunch of emails and updates on your babies progress, but with the promotions I have been able to get coupons for diapers, but free things as well. I was able to get free Shutterfly books, calendars, toys and more. If you keep track of your diaper codes you can continue to get free stuff as well.



  • Baby Magic Lotion: There is something magic about Baby Magic lotion. We have loved using it on W. His skin seems to do better with it than with Johnson and Johnson.  He smells divine too.
  • Vitamin D Drops: These drops were recommended by our doctor and we love them.  They are cheap to buy from Amazon. It’s one simple vitamin drop, no syringe or trying to hide the medicine. I drop one drop into his mouth or into a bottle and he never knows the difference. Plus there is enough drops in the bottle to last the entire first year! 


  • Playtex VentAire Bottles: these were recommended by our lactation consultant. These bottles have been super nice. We started W off on the slow flow and then as he got older we changed it to the medium flow. I have been super happy with these bottles. 


  • Sassy Hug n’ Tug Frog:  We were given this as a gift and love it.  I’ve seen these sold online or at Walmart. They have a few different animals too. We liked it because it was one of the first toys little W could grasp and play with.  He still plays with it even though he’s a little older and can play with other toys.  He loves to pull on the arms and legs and chew on them. The material is great because it dries quickly so he is not always playing with a wet toy. 
  •  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: This book is the only ‘parenting’ book I refer to regularly. It is a bit long but worth the read.  I read it while I was pregnant and refer back to it at each stage.  If you don’t have time to read the whole thing at least read the parts that correspond to your baby’s age. 



  • Activity Toys: We got this as a gift from my mom and Little W loves it. It is our go to toy because we can hook it to the handle of his car seat or his swing, no tossing it over the sides! Yet it is quiet enough that he can play with it at church. There are plenty of things for him to discover on it and he loves chewing on the ears. The ears and feet make crunching noises. There is a little rattle in it. He loves it and hasn’t got tired of it yet. 


  • Grass Bottle Dryer: No one loves having bottles and baby spoons all over their kitchen.  We were given this drying rack as a gift and we have loved it. It makes stacking those baby products a little nicer.  You can buy them in stores like Walmart or Target, or online. 
  • Nursing Pillow: Regardless of whether you plan to nurse or not I would get a nursing pillow. They are so nice to use while nursing but we use ours all of the time to prop him up. He’s in a stage where all he wants to do is sit and look around, and this helps!
  • Play mat: I would recommend a play mat for a baby from 2-4 months. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  A plat mat is what made showering and cooking dinner possible for me for a while.  I’ve seen them as cheap as $10-12 at places like Ross or TJ Maxx, so shop around for one.
  • Baby Carrier: I have never tried any fancy wraps or anything like that, but I would recommend some sort of baby carrier so that on days that all your little one wants is to be held, you can still have your arms to get things done.  We have a carrier very similar to this Infantino Carrier, that we got as a gift.  For as often as we use it I think it is great and does the job. We took W on a hike the other day in it and he seemed to do great in it. You can face the baby towards you, then as you get older they can face outward.  



  • Jeep Cherokee Stroller: less than $50 I wanted a stroller that I could leave in the trunk (and still have a usable trunk) to use on our outings to the store and park. I was going to get a cheap umbrella stroller but for less than $20 more at Walmart we could get this.  We have been really happy with this stroller. It only weighs 12 lbs and folds up small enough I still have a trunk. It can easily folded up with one hand and carried up and down our 3 flights of stairs. Little W seems to like it too. The only drawback is I wouldn’t put a baby in it until they can hold their own head up.  The seat does lay back, but not far enough to really lay them back. 


  • Baby Trend Flex Loc 30 Car Seat: We were really unsure what to look for in a car seat. There are so many options and features.  Some people tell you to go cheap, others buy $400 car seats.  We decided on this one mostly for the handle and it’s somewhat gender neutral color. We have been really pleased with it. The straps are easy to adjust and it is easy to wipe clean. My only wish is that they would redesign the buckle, but it is not too bad. It hold babies up to 30lbs or 30 inches, we will see which W maxes out first. 

The bonus is this car seat connects to my Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller that I bought used. Now I can run with little W strapped into his car seat.



Well that’s all for today, I added more than I had planned on. I know each baby is different and I’m sure our next child will be way different than little W but in the mean time here is a list to get you started.  Having a baby is super overwhelming.  Hopefully this list helps you feel a little less overwhelmed standing in baby the isle at Target.


Good Luck!



Here’s a little about me: I usually don’t buy things that I could make. I like to read and learn. I have dreams of being a mom, living in foreign countries, and trying new things. I take a ton of pictures. I collect rocks from the places I’ve been. I’m trying to learn French. I like to eat. I’m a Mormon.

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