For as much of my life as I can remember I have loved to eat cold things.  Especially smoothies.  One of the first things I remember making in my middle school home-ec class was an Orange Julius.  Growing up my parents grew strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, black berries, apricots, and peaches.  Each summer we would freeze the extras in little 1 c bags to use throughout the year.  This only supplied my smoothie making even more.

As college came along one of the jobs I had was at Jamba Juice.  Every day was filled with smoothie combinations.  I absolutely loved it.  I have only met a few smoothies I didn’t like.  I wouldn’t even go so far as to call them smoothies, there was no fruit in them – just ice cream.  I learned a few things while working there and one of which is to not be afraid of trying something new.  So I gave this breakfast smoothie a shot.  Loaded with your favorite juice, fruits, yogurt, oats, and spinach (yes I said spinach – I promise you won’t taste it and your kids or husband probably won’t even notice) this smoothie will give you the morning pick-me-up you need and help you feel full until lunch. Try using different juice, fruit and yogurt combinations or top your smoothie with some granola and fresh banana for an even more filling breakfast, it’s perfect to eat on the go.


Yield: 2 servings

Time: 5 minutes


  • 8-10 oz of your favorite juice (for this recipe I used orange juice)
  • 6 oz container of your favorite yogurt (I used lime)
  • About 1 1/4 c frozen fruits (I used frozen raspberries and half of a banana)
  • 1 c spinach leaves
  • 1/2 c rolled oats


  • Step 1

Place juice, yogurt, fruit, spinach and oats in a blender. Mix until Smooth.






Here’s a little about me: I usually don’t buy things that I could make. I like to read and learn. I have dreams of being a mom, living in foreign countries, and trying new things. I take a ton of pictures. I collect rocks from the places I’ve been. I’m trying to learn French. I like to eat. I’m a Mormon.

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