We are so excited to welcome a little one into the world in November. We found out July 3rd the gender of our little one and I am a little late in sharing the news.

Because we had moved and Mr M had started his new job he wasn’t able to come to the appointment with me so I had the nurse put it in a sealed envelope for us to open together. Our reactions were pretty priceless. We were truly excited either way. I figured it was a boy, mother’s intuition I guess, and Mr M figured it was a girl because there are already a few boys on his side of the family and no girls. We filmed ourselves opening the envelope, here are some still shots from that glorious day. We are so excited to be parents!


 the envelope….


 the split second after we opened the card…


so excited!!!!


and then Mr M began running to celebrate…



 And if it had said girl we would’ve celebrated just as much, funny that you can be so equally excited, but you can!


We are so excited for November to come!


Here’s a little about me: I usually don’t buy things that I could make. I like to read and learn. I have dreams of being a mom, living in foreign countries, and trying new things. I take a ton of pictures. I collect rocks from the places I’ve been. I’m trying to learn French. I like to eat. I’m a Mormon.

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