I’ve spent the week trying to work on some behind the scenes things on the blog and I pulled out my sewing machine! Happy day. So today I thought I would share a very easy sewing project. I’ve been stuck on the recipes a lot lately which is my first love, but my second love is sewing. I love a quick and easy sewing project.

This little headband is easy to sew and perfect for beginners. If you get scared from the thought of sewing on knits, or get confused by the terms jersey knit, rib knit, and so on. Don’t stress. All you need is a ball point needle and an old t-shirt. Headbands, and baby clothes in general, are the perfect introduction to sewing on knits. So really find an old (or new) t-shirt that could use some re-loving.

I have a niece on the way who is due to make an arrival any day now. I have always wanted to sew for a little girl. I love having Little W in the family but I can’t get away with making dresses and headbands. So with this new little bundle due to arrive any time I decided I wanted to make her a summer outfit. I made some cute little bubble shorts out of a mustard cotton fabric. I wanted a cute little head band that could match.

Just follow these quick and easy steps and in 15 minutes you will have a new headband for that cute little baby or toddler of yours!

You will need:

  • ball point sewing needle (you can find them on the isle next to the regular needles, just look for ball point)
  • thread
  • Old T-shirt


For the example I made a 3-6 month headband. Here is the size I would recommend cutting your fabric to. Because you tie a knot and it is a stretchy knit it leaves room for a bit of flexibility in sizes.

  • 0-3 months: 6″ x 23″
  • 3-6 months: 6″ x 24″
  • 6-12 months: 6″ x 26″
  • 12-18 months: 6.5″ x 27″
  • 18-24 months: 6.5 x 28″

Step 1: Cut fabrics to desired dimensions

baby headband_step 1

Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface. Measure 6″ up and cut. Leave the seams intact on both sides for now. You should be left with a really long t-shirt tube.


Next cut your t-shirt to the desired length. Because you left it as a tube the fabric is doubled so take whatever measurement you need and divide it in half. Mine was 24″ so I cut my t-shirt at the 12″ mark.

This leaves the seam on one end. When you unfold your t-shirt it should look like this.


Step 2: Pin fabric & Sew 


Fold fabric in half length wise. This should leave a long narrow piece of fabric.If you have a right side to your fabric, place right sides together so the wrong sides of the fabric are what you can see.  Pin along the long edge every inch.


Using a ball point needle and a knit stitch sew along the edge of your fabric leaving a 1.5″ opening along the side seam. This allows you to turn it right side out. As you near the edge sew headband into a pointed or rounded edge as shown above in the picture. *see alternative option below*

Using the 1.5″ opening turn headband right side out. Press headband using an iron with the steam setting. This helps reduce any stretching that took place. Hand sew your opening closed. Tie a double knot and the end of the headband.


*Another option to sewing closed the pointed or rounded edge on the headband is to leave them open as shown below.


For these headbands I sewed within 1″ of each of the edges and back stitched. I did not sew the pointed edge shut. I cut the pointed edges.   I like how raw knit edges curl and give this headband a different look.


I love how fun these headbands are. Because they are made from t-shirts the print and color options are truly endless. I might have to make one for myself.



This cute little headband goes perfect with the mustard yellow bubble shorts I made for my niece. I love sewing little girl clothes! What do you love to sew for your baby? 


Here’s a little about me: I usually don’t buy things that I could make. I like to read and learn. I have dreams of being a mom, living in foreign countries, and trying new things. I take a ton of pictures. I collect rocks from the places I’ve been. I’m trying to learn French. I like to eat. I’m a Mormon.

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